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VGA to RCA Adapter


Not all TVs have HDMI, but fortunately that's not the only connection we can use to connect to your TV. For most TVs the absolute best solution is a VGA to RCA adapter. Our most popular and best selling adapter is the Sewell Direct VGA to RCA adapter, part SW-22050. These adapters take the same VGA output from your computer that the VGA to HDMI adapters use, but convert it into a composite RCA signal, or an S-Video signal instead of HDMI. That way you can still hook your computer up to your TV even if your TV doesn't have HDMI.

Connecting to TVs everywhere
The biggest advantage to using a standard definition adapter is its wide compatibility. Composite RCA connections have been used on TVs since around the 1980s and are still found on almost every new TV today. This gives you great compatibility with TVs from a wide range models and manufacturers. This is especially useful for anyone needing to use your computer in many locations and connect it to a wide variety of TVs.

VGA to RCA adapter — Making things easy for you
This adapter is incredibly easy to install and use. Simply take the included cables and connect them between the adapter and your computer, and then again between your adapter and the TV. This adapter, like the VGA to HDMI, does not require any software to be installed on the computer. This saves you from having to set up and configure software before you can use the adapter. The VGA to RCA adapter is as "Plug and Play" as you can get. This allows you to hook it up to any computer with a VGA output in a snap.

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