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Atlona AT-HD500 VGA to HDMI
Update: New Atlona AT-HDVieW VGA to HDMI

Update: The AT-HD500 VGA to HDMI adapter has been replaced by the new AT-HDView VGA to HDMI adapter. Click on the product at right for more information.

VGA to HDMI Adapter

The modern television world is all about the High Definition (HD) experience and if you are not enjoying HD experience then you are definitely missing something great. The Atlona AT-HD500 convertor is designed to simplify your HD experience and to maximize your HD experience.

This powerful converter can be connected to a laptop or desktop computer - the best thing about it is that it can convert any video resolution to the best quality video image. The 480p and 720p resolutions can easily be up-scaled to the 1080p resolution making it far better to watch movies and videos in full HD quality.

Ease of use
The navigation through the menu buttons of the Atlona AT-HD500 is quite easy which enables even an amateur to operate it without any difficulty. The installation of the device is also simple. The Atlona AT-HD500 has a comprehensive OSD menu that enables the user to navigate through different resolution settings and select the best one (according to your requirements).

The Atlona AT-HD500 is not meant only for the conversion purposes but it also acts as the image modifier. It is capable of auto adjusting the image or video by reducing the blurry sharp edges from the video. The device also adjusts the hue and contrast levels of the image. The convertor supports many resolution output levels and is capable of auto adjusting the best resolution for the computer or device connected to it.

Features The Atlona AT-HD500 convertor has three input ports and three output ports. The device supports the latest optical fiber TOS link port, connected to both the input and output ends making the device compatible with most of the modern age external devices.

The device has a 3.5mm audio jack connected to both the input and output ends. The device is capable of working in the extreme temperature conditions ranging from 0°C to 48°C that increase the durability factor of the device making it work efficiently in the drastic temperature conditions as well.

We believe in this product and offer a full 1-year warranty. Concisely, Atlona AT-HD500 is a good up-scaling device that can produce better images and videos and enable you to enjoy the High Definition (HD) experience on your screen without having to spend too much money.

The device can easily be shipped across the country with nominal shipping charges, which ensures a safe and secure direct to home delivery. The Atlona AT-HD500 will definitely give the best value for your money.

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